Wim Hof – The ice Man

Ok, so this is a long one But believe me when I say you NEED to watch this. If you’re a parent, you must watch this if you’re looking for something more from life than just things, you NEED to watch this, If you’re Depressed you NEED to watch this, If you’re human you NEED to watch this.

OK so just go fucking watch it already!!!!



The Cancer Cure Cover-Up

In my humble opinion, it’s the Pharmaceutical companies that would lose the most in revenue due to Mr. Burzynski

Still don’t believe that the people who govern us are not on our side?

This is yet another of many examples that “they” don’t care about you. Educate yourself and don’t believe the mainstream media, Only dead fish go with the flow!

FOLLOW UP: Obviously, it’s hard to tell these days what is true and what is not. After watching the full documentary I have done some follow up research.

Some links here for you to look at and decide for yourself:

I myself find it hard to believe the FDA would spend so much time and taxpayers money in trying to fight Mr. Burzynski and subject him to a war of attrition for so long. Then there is the matter of the many patents that Dvorit Samid filed for and got. So if it doesn’t work then why apply for the patents??????

If Mr. Burzynski is a fake how did he get all those people to lie on camera and say they had found the treatment to work, albeit for a short time but for some their cancer has gone.

Oh and remember folks Wikipedia is no place to get your FACTS from.

My father suffered from Lymphoma cancer and was treated successfully with targeted therapy in the UK using Radiotherapy. If his treatment had not worked I would not have hesitated in selling everything I owned to get him any alternative treatment, even if it were a snake oil salesman. The fact remains that your life is your own and does not belong to any government or outside entity. You have the right to live and die however you see fit.

I only hope that if this treatment does actually help/work then it will be available to all and not at an extortionate price.

Astroturfing explanation: